Feeling tired and watching your waistline expand? Dealing with a bloated belly and low energy

 'Menopause, Weight Gain and Hormone Balance'

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My goal inside this workshop is to give you the clarity and direction as well as how-to steps you’ve been searching for so you can understand how to balance hormones during menopause so you can GET RID OF SYMPTOMS and learn how to eat for real and SUSTAINABLE fat loss and incredible ENERGY. NO magic ‘pills’, drinking your meals, or relying on willpower all of the time (newsflash: that simply doesn’t work!).

What we'll dive into...

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What hormone balance and weight loss is all about and how to achieve it! The secret isn't eating less and exercising more (but you've probably already figured that out!)

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You're going to walk away from this workshop with the exact tools you need to address the SYMPTOMS of menopause right now because I'm going to explain how food works when it comes to hormone balance.  

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How reducing insulin spikes and shifting your metabolic pathway can lead to lifelong results in hormone balance, great energy levels and fat loss for YOU. 

Join Me LIVE on Monday,  November 28 @ 7pm EST

About Daphne


Daphne Kostova CNP, NNCP, is a holistic nutritionist, a women`s hormone balancing coach, a certified weight-loss coach, a long-time wellness ambassador and a book author.

Daphne specializes in hormone health and weight loss for women and is  a certified Metabolic balance weight loss coach.


Daphne`s experience as a clinical nutritionist is giving her edge and deeper understanding of supplementation. This knowledge only comes complementary to her belief and Hippocrates words  “Let food be thy medicine”.